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Why Olympus Trip 35

It's a beautiful and robust fully automatic camera which requires no batteries and very little effort to deliver timeless images. it was produced between 1967 and 1984 and was originally intended for the point and shoot market but quickly became a cult for serious photographers like the british David Bailey.

It’s heavy enough to feel you are using a serious metal bodied camera but light enough to carry around. Has got a fixed 40mm f2.8 lens which allows you to be quite close to the subject and get very nice portraits but also feels wide enough for landscape shots. it’s sharp, extremely sharp and focusing couldn’t be easier, you only got 4 very precise settings. You can manually set aperture as you like but that’s missing the point. Set to automatic and let the camera do it’s job and if you haven’t got the right conditions a cute red flag will pop into the viewfinder and save you precious film.

I always try to have cameras and leather in stock but depending on demand it might take between 5 to 10 days to get all the lovely parts together and be able to ship your camera.

All cameras come with 3 months warranty.